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“We are a rural district with five schools and 2,300 students. OpAa! has a director on site here, and she, along with the rest of the company, has been responsive to our needs. They’ve been a great food service partner.”


—Chad Wilson, Superintendent, Weatherford Public Schools



Every school and student has unique tastes. That’s why Opaa! offers as many as four breakfast and six lunch choices each day, with made-from-scratch options that appeal to those who prefer traditional comfort foods as well as those with more adventuresome tastes.

After sourcing our fresh ingredients from the best name-brand manufacturers and produce vendors, our nutritionists mix and match these food choices to offer a variety of wholesome, appealing meals that students prefer.

Taking cues from the restaurant and fast-food industries, we have created healthy versions of popular kid-favorites, such as chicken and waffles, pizza, or spaghetti and meatballs. Students love the variety they discover on our around-the-world-themed food, salad, and yogurt bars, as well as in our large selection of healthy a la carte fruits, vegetables, snacks, and beverages. Parents love that our recipes have been fine-tuned over time to bring out superior flavor, while delivering the nutritional value their children need to perform their best.


Kid-friendly Meals


Opaa! makes special event planning easy—and delicious. We offer a wide range of high quality, food and catering services for field trips, award banquets, and other “outside the cafeteria” needs. From grab-and-go meals and after school snack programs, to reimbursable holiday party meals and achievement test snacks, we can help your students and staff receive the nutrition they need, when and where they need it.

When the school year is over, Opaa! can provide food service management to meet your summer-school meal needs. We can also help assist with grant opportunities to help stretch your food dollars even further. We’re experts in making optimal use of resources—and doing whatever it takes to “Make Their Day.”

Beyond Breakfast


Forget last night's leftovers. The special touches that Opaa! brings to breakfast and lunch make teachers and staff excited to eat in the cafeteria again. Like students, they can watch our dishes being cooked and prepared fresh in plain view at our action stations. From made-to-order omelets to grilled panini sandwiches to fully stocked salad bars, our adult meals are a step above—and priced for a teacher’s budget.

Providing fresh, great-tasting adult meals is important to Opaa!  Our schools need healthy, well-nourished adults to guide their students’ success. Adults who participate in and enjoy our fresh, great-tasting food also model healthy eating habits for students.


Adult Meals


Opaa! knows the secret to making healthy snacks that kids love. It involves understanding your school district’s objectives and then applying our decades of child nutrition experience to create delicious, energy-boosting Smart Snacks that help to meet them. The result is a selection of sandwiches, salads, fresh fruits and vegetables, pre-packaged snacks, and beverages that appeal to learners of all ages.

Whether you need Smart Snacks for students who desire more food or greater variety, or to bring a little extra Opaa! to standardized test days, our staff is eager to help. And rest assured, our great-tasting Smart Snacks meet national nutritional standards for calories, fat, sugar, and sodium.


Smart Snacks
Nutrition Education


Opaa! welcomes the opportunity to help schools teach students about nutrition in fun, creative ways. We offer a variety of wellness events and programs that introduce students to nutritious, great-tasting foods with the goal of creating healthy eating habits for life.

Our health and wellness fairs teach proper nutrition and exercise, while our fruit and vegetable challenges encourage students to try new and different varieties of fresh produce. Opaa! also is happy to bring local farmers into your classrooms whenever possible. By introducing students to the people who produce their food, they not only gain a better understanding of the science of food production, but also hear first-hand about the health benefits that fresh fruits and vegetables bring to their diets.



Opaa! provides menus for each participating school in a digital format, available from any computer or mobile device, powered by Nutrislice. These menus allow one to filter for common food allergens, such as nuts, wheat, and dairy. Opaa! provides this database of recipes and manufacturer labels, for informational purposes only, and attempts to do so as accurately as possible. Opaa! relies upon its vendors or food manufacturers to provide the nutritional values and product information contained on the Opaa! menus. The information is based upon standard portion product guidelines provided by the manufacturers and the USDA, subject to periodic change. Numerous circumstances can affect the accuracy of this information, including, but not limited to, variation of serving sizes, change in ingredients, inaccurate labels or substitutions, all of which are not under the control or direction of Opaa!.


If your (or your child's) allergy or condition creates a potential medical or health risk, you should discuss the risks, appropriate precautions, and/or any necessary treatment, for participating in school breakfast, lunch, or snack, with both your medical provider and your school Director of Nutrition Services before participating. If you have any questions about ingredients, please consult the school Director of Nutrition Services.


By clicking “Opaa! Allergy Database” you agree to the following: (i) this information is general only and is not to be considered medical or nutritional advice; (ii) the manufacturers that provide the nutritional values and product information may change product ingredients without notifying Opaa!; (iii) the food distributors may substitute products on occasion without informing Opaa!; (iv) you will discuss any potential medical or health risks or concerns with your medical provider and with the school Director of Nutrition Services prior to your or your child’s enrollment in any school food program, such as breakfast, lunch or snack; (v) you will ultimately determine whether you or your child should eat the selected food;and (vi) you release Opaa! and will hold Opaa! harmless from any and all claims or injuries that arise, directly or indirectly, from your or your child’s reliance on the nutritional values or product information contained within the database.

Allergy Database
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Opaa! Food Management endorses animal welfare and the humane treatment of livestock. Opaa! Food Management does not own, raise, transport, or process animals. We do, however, seek to work with suppliers who are leaders in their industries with regards to animal welfare and that follow strict animal welfare policies. ​

Opaa! Food Management works with suppliers who focus on responsible practices in the supply chain by:

  • Working with dairy manufacturers who have eliminated artificial rBST from milk and yogurt products.

  • Working with poultry suppliers who have committed to the humane treatment of livestock at farms and processing facilities.

  • Calling on producers, processors, and suppliers to implement additional humane conditions for the treatment of broiler chickens. This includes asking our supply chain to take the following actions:

    • Transition to strains of birds approved by Global Animal Partnership (GAP) based on measurably improved welfare outcomes.

    • Reduce maximum stocking density to equal or less than 6 lbs./sq. ft.

    • Providing chickens with enriched environments including litter, lighting, and enrichment.

    • Render the chickens unconscious prior to shackling using controlled atmosphere processing system.

    • Submit to third party verification of these practices.

  • Working with poultry suppliers who use eggs produced in cage free housing systems that provide healthy and humane conditions for laying hens. All our suppliers are members of the Coalition for Sustainable Egg Suppliers (CSES). CSES is a multi-stakeholder group comprised of leading animal welfare scientists, academic institutions, non-government organizations, egg suppliers, and restaurant/food service and food retail companies. 

  • Working with beef suppliers who use beef originated from U.S. produced livestock and who use cattle humanely handled in accordance with all applicable USDA regulations.

  • Working with pork suppliers who have committed to phase out gestation stalls.

Animal Welfare
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