The heart and soul of our company has always been our people.

Hear some of the ways that our employees are making an impact and why they love working at Opaa!"

"From my first day at  Opaa!, I felt genuine support and kindness from those who work here. Everyone believes in this company and the work that we do.”
Jamie Nutrition Education Specialist
“Nothing is more important than the time spent in  kitchens. Helping our teams improve the process of serving great food to our kids and staff is what matters.
Rob Regional Director of Operations
I like the fact that Opaa! respects my beliefs and allows me to feel comfortable expressing them. The core value that impacts me the most is to be honest in everything you do. I believe that if you follow this core value, then everything else is a given.
Amber Training Mananger
"Core values are [so valuable] to the company. They are 
 also very important to me on a daily basis. It is wonderful
 to know I work for a company that is honest and always
 acting in the best interest of their clients, while showing a
 compassion to serve and commiting to always improve."
Mindy Director of Nutrition Services
Kitchen Manager
"I am a district employee; however, 
 Opaa! has always made me feel like 
 a part of the ‘family.’ From the 
 president, RDOs, directors, to training 
 staff, I feel like everyone works
 together to make their day. Opaa! is
 changing the way school food is
 thought about in a great way.”
Senior Director of
Safety & Training
"Our core values set us apart. From
 the owner of the company, down to the
 line staff in each kitchen, it is a true 
 beacon for which we carry ourselves,
 day in and day out. It truly is a great
 company to work for."
Rachel Hawkins.JPG
Regional Director
of Operations
"I love that I have been blessed to work for a company that has the same values as I and getting to make a difference in the lives of kids every day. This is a truly wonderful  company that supports its employees in so many ways, and I feel beyond blessed to work in such an amazing environment."