At Opaa! Food Management, you are not just applying for a job, you are joining a family. Our selection process emphasizes the candidates overall fit in to our company culture as the most valuable hiring criteria. We believe that serving children wholesome quality food is a higher calling, and we are looking for employees who feel the same passion that we do.

Opaa! Employees delight in welcoming our guests with warmth and hospitality at every meal. Our employees believe in our mission, “Make Their Day”. That means fixing every meal and feeding every student like we would for our own children.


Are you the right fit

for Opaa!?

It takes special skills and training to perform many of the job opportunities offered by Opaa!. But there are three qualities you will find in every Opaa! employee, whether they work in a school cafeteria or the corner office. These are the traits we look for during the hiring process.







We seek employees who are willing to tackle any job and get it done. Our employees Make It Happen.

Opaa! employees have a passion to serve others. We look for people who are cheerful, respectful, and eager to go the extra mile!

We are filled with enthusiasm and know how to have fun, while always remembering our guests and our mission to “Make Their Day!”

HR Generalist

"One of my goals is to always have continued training in my field, and this is the first company I have ever been with that actually encourages that. They want me to succeed personally as well as professionally. I try to model that same behavior to the people that I serve. I try to picture myself in their shoes and imagine what kind of tools and support I can give them to make them the most successful." 

Kitchen Manager

"If you want to be in food service for the long haul and find growth in it to make it a career, there is a ton of opportunity at Opaa!. Employees will love the flexible hours, the one-on-one interaction with  kids, and working with teams that are focused on doing their jobs with the highest integrity to serve the kids. Opaa! helps employees grow and reach goals they never thought were possible."

Vice President Finance and Accounting

"Acting in the best interest of our customers is a higher calling that goes well beyond the lunch program. Opaa! empowers its employees to become ambassadors for their own school districts and communities. As a result, the people in this company are driven to make a positive impact on the lives of many on a daily basis."

Director of Nutrition Services

"As a director of nutrition services, I make sure I am motivating my team to newer and better ways of making the kids- and  each other’s day. I also want my team to maintain a fun and happy environment. I have seen and received messages from parents/members of community who constantly say that the kids are taken care of, and work is always done at the same level of quality, no matter how big or small the community is."

What We Look For In