Opaa! Food Management announced that Clinton County R-III School District food service employee Jennie Miller has been selected as the recipient of its Employee of the Year Award for the 2006-07 school year. Jennie was presented the award at a surprise reception on May 3, 2007, by Opaa! President Kevin Short, Opaa! Executive Vice President Robert Sanders, Vice President of Operations Sheila Middleton, and Regional Director of Operations Louis Thorpe.

Jennie was selected for this award from among Opaa!'s 1,400 employees throughout the State of Missouri. Jennie has worked for Opaa! as a baker in Plattsburg for 7 years and has served the last 2 years as kitchen manager at Ellis Elementary. In introducing Jennie as this year's winner, Vice President of Operations, Sheila Middleton, described Jennie as a caring person with an accommodating, upbeat attitude for all of her customers, students and staff alike.

Phyllis Schaefer, Opaa!'s Director of Nutrition Services in Plattsburg, talked of Jennie's leadership ability and how her calming presence and child-centered attitude rubs off on all who work around her. Schaefer reminds everyone that she is a great baker and a "gentle giant of a person".

Executive Vice President Robert Sanders began the meeting by describing the Employee of the Year selection process and how it included written nominations from fellow employees with details of outstanding job performance, demonstrated leadership and initiative, and a genuine commitment to customer service. Sanders noted the significance of the award since it comes from nominations from her peer group.

In addition to the awards presented by Opaa! Food Management representatives, Jennie was serenaded by the Ellis Pride Choir under the direction of Kathleen Wilson. Superintendent of Schools, Mike Lord, praised Jennie's positive attributes and complimented the entire staff and how great a contribution they make to the school atmosphere and provide the nutritional foundation for student learning.

Jennie expressed how totally shocked she was at the surprise reception held in front of family, co-workers and Opaa! officials. "I can't believe it, it blows me away. I do this for the love of the children. I have such a great team…they share in this." Jennie and her husband Stephen live in Lathrop and have two children, David and Michelle, and six grandchildren. Jennie enjoys doing yardwork and just being outside in her spare time.

Opaa! Food Management, Inc., is based in Chesterfield, Missouri, and currently provides nutrition services to 60 Missouri school districts. Opaa! has been providing services to the Clinton County R-III School District since 1989.